List of E-Commerce Laws in the Caribbean

Caribbean Map. Credit: Active Caribbean

I was recently interviewed for an article in the Barbados Business Authority. The article touched on the value of executing contracts electronically in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and the legal framework supporting e-contracting in Barbados.

After issuing my comments for that article, I was curious about the state of play across the wider Caribbean. I, therefore, researched which countries in the region have e-commerce laws and the results are listed below:

JurisdictionName of e-Commerce Law
AnguillaElectronic Transactions Act, Revised Statutes of Anguilla, Chapter E38
Antigua and BarbudaElectronic Transactions Act, No 24 of 2013
Bahamas (Commonwelath of)The Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, 2003
BarbadosElectronic Transactions Act, 2001;
BelizeElectronic Transactions Act, Chapter 290:01
BermudaElectronic Transactions Act 1999
British Virgin IslandsElectronic Transactions Act, 2001 (No 5 of 2001)
Cayman IslandsElectronic Transactions Law (2003 Revision)
CubaNo law
DominicaElectronic Transactions Act, 2013
Dominican RepublicLey de Comercio Electrónico, Documentos y Firmas Digitales No. 126-02
French GuianaFrench Civil Code
GrenadaElectronic Transactions Act, 2013
GuyanaNo law
GuadeloupeFrench Civil Code
HaitiDécret portant sur la signature électronique (Decree on Electronic Transactions)
JamaicaElectronic Transactions Act, 2006
MartiniqueFrench Civil Code
MontserratElectronic Transactions Act 2009, No 7 of 2009
Netherland AntillesLandsverordening overeenkomsten langs elektronische weg (P.B. 2000, 186)
Puerto RicoLey de Firmas Electronicas de Puerto Rico, Ley numero 359 de Septiembre 16, 2004
Saint Kitts and NevisElectronic Transactions Act 2011, No 9 of 2011
Saint LuciaElectronic Transactions Act, 2011 (not yet in force)
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesElectronic Transactions Act 2015, No 6 of 2015 (repealing and replacing Electronic Transactions Act, Cap 145)
SurinameWET van 24 september 2017, houdende regels inzake het rechtsverkeer langs elektronische weg (Wet Elektronisch Rechtsverkeer) [LAW of September 24, 2017, containing rules on legal transactions by electronic means (Electronic Traffic Act)]
Trinidad and TobagoElectronic Transactions Act, 2011
Turks and CaicosElectronic Transactions Ordinance 2000, Cap 2.14
As at April 10, 2020, 27 Caribbean jurisdictions surveyed.

A few notes on the list:

  • In preparing the list, it was apparent that there was a significant level of disparity in the scope of rights and obligations in the different statutes. In future updates, I’ll be looking at some of the more important areas of nuance that exist in the e-commerce frameworks across the region.
  • For the purpose of this list, ‘Caribbean’ jurisdictions were defined as: i) all the island-states in (or in the direct vicinity) of the Caribbean Sea as well as ii) those jurisdictions on the South or Central American mainland with sufficiently strong and continuing cultural, historical, economic and/or political commonalities with island states in the Caribbean Sea.
  • Only 2 of the 24 jurisdictions surveyed appear to be without laws targeted at e-commerce: Cuba and Guyana (as of April 2020).
  • If you’ve spotted an error or are aware of an update to any of the jurisdictions listed above, please let me know: contact {at} .

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