Barbados has appointed its first privacy regulator

What happened? The Government of Barbados has appointed Ms. Lisa Greaves as the country’s first Data Protection Commissioner. The official notice in last month’s Gazette indicates that Ms. Greaves’ appointment to the post is effective from July 15, 2021 and comes a few months after the Government brought the majority of the Barbados Data Protection…

Telecoms regulator in Bermuda shares objectives for 2022-2023 fiscal year

Bermuda’s telecoms regulator, the Regulatory Authority, has released its proposed 2022-23 Work Plan to solicit feedback. The Work Plan sets out the major activities that the RA intends to conduct during the upcoming fiscal year, 2022-23. The Work Plan suggests that for the telecoms (electronic communication) space, the focus will be on monitoring existing frameworks…

Tracking Net Neutrality: What have Caribbean Governments been up to?

A number of regulators throughout the Caribbean have taken steps in respect of Net Neutrality. Between 2010 and the present, this has included decisions, position papers and public consultations. Many regional governments support the notion but this position is not universal.

Barbados’ advanced privacy law now enforceable

March 31, 2021. A proclamation issued a few days earlier has fixed that date to mark the Barbados Data Protection Act, 2019-29 coming into effect. Put another way: March 31 is when the privacy compliance landscape in Barbados will change immutably.