Revamped spectrum rules coming to the Eastern Caribbean

The Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL), the supra-national regulator for a number of Eastern Caribbean countries, is considering further revisions to its spectrum management plan (“SMP”). The ECTEL SMP divides the radio frequency spectrum of the ECTEL Member States into several frequency bands and designates the general purposes for which each radio frequency band can …

Tracking Net Neutrality: What have Caribbean Governments been up to?

A number of regulators throughout the Caribbean have taken steps in respect of Net Neutrality. Between 2010 and the present, this has included decisions, position papers and public consultations. Many regional governments support the notion but this position is not universal.

Status of Data Privacy Laws in the Caribbean [Feb 2021]

With the recent activities around operationalising data privacy laws in Barbados and Jamaica, I thought it would be a good time to provide an update on the status of privacy laws in the Commonwealth Caribbean*, generally. I have also included, where applicable, recent privacy-related developments in the relevant jurisdictions. TL;DR – Six jurisdictions are without …

Guyana set to pass impressive new law on e-commerce

Guyana is about to strip itself of a, no doubt, undesirable status: it is one of only two remaining Caribbean jurisdictions without a substantive e-commerce law. The Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce published a draft act – The Electronic Communications and Transactions Bill, 2019 in early October, 2020. The public comment period for the …

[Intellectual Property] Significant damages award for software programmer in Jamaican copyright claim – plain English article

In Paymaster (Jamaica) Ltd. v Grace Kennedy Remittance Services Ltd, the Jamaican Supreme Court has awarded significant damages, equivalent to approximately US$4+ million, to a software programmer following a copyright dispute. The bulk of the award? Interest!