About Bartlett

I am a digital law specialist.

Working with the team at Chancery Chambers, I add value by resolving disputes and helping others navigate the digital law & policy landscape in the Caribbean.  My digital law and policy expertise includes:

  • Data privacy and cybersecurity – This includes (i) sensitisation and training, (ii) advising (developing privacy compliance frameworks, privacy audits, conducting impact assessments, crafting data transfer instruments and privacy policies) and (iii) representing (complaints; DSRs; interfacing with regulators; privacy litigation).
  • Telecommunications – litigation and dispute resolution; license acquisitions; net neutrality.
  • Blockchain and fintech – acquisition and merger due diligence; general legal advice.
  • E-commerce – electronic transactions, digital signatures and digital identity advisory.
  • Intellectual property – disputes over IP rights, representation before regulators, trademark applications.
  • Digital broadcasting and media – gap analysis, licensing, acquisitions.
  • Information technology including outsourcing, SLAs and general contract review.

This website is my primary platform for tracking and assessing key developments at the intersection of digital law and policy; especially those with significant implications for the Caribbean region.

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