Formation of an Internet Society Chapter in Barbados (ISOC-BB)

After recent discussions with members of the local internet governance community in Barbados, a decision has been taken to take active steps towards the formation of an Internet Society Chapter in Barbados. 

What Is the Internet Society?

The Internet Society (ISOC) is an international, non-profit organization founded in 1992 to provide leadership in Internet related standards, education, and policy. The mission of ISOC is “to promote the open development, evolution and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world.”


The Internet Society website.

How will an ISOC Chapter benefit Barbados?

Today, people in Barbados use the Internet to purchase critical goods and services; to make and maintain connections with business prospects, family members and friends; to pay taxes and manage money. We socialise via the Internet and also use it to entertain ourselves. The Internet is no longer just a curiosity, it is a necessity. 

As with all necessities of life, structures need to be put in place to safeguard its continued availability and proper functioning. By raising awareness and championing appropriate future-facing policies, we believe that an ISOC Chapter will further the proper development of the Internet in Barbados.

What will an ISOC Barbados Chapter do?

We propose to undertake two main pillars of activity: 

  1. Organising events and activities which will bring together various stakeholders to discuss ideas and share perspectives; and
  2. Determining and championing public policy perspectives in relation to the use and development of the Internet which the Chapter’s members believe will redound to the benefit of Barbados and Barbadians.

How will ISOC Membership benefit you?

From the ISOC website

“As an Internet Society Chapter member, you can benefit in a number of ways. 

Whether you’re trying to find a job, expand your business, stay abreast of the latest trends, build your professional network, or just connect with those who share your passion for the Internet, an Internet Society Chapter is the ideal forum.

If you want to make a difference in your community by helping to advance the Internet Society’s mission, a Chapter is the perfect vehicle.

If you want to develop your communications, management, and leadership skills, volunteering for a Chapter creates great opportunities to stretch yourself (and get a high level of visibility among prospective employers or customers).”

How can you help?

At this initial stage, two objectives are of critical importance: building membership and charting the course forward. 

To become a member is a simple two stage process: 

  1. Sign up to be a member of the Internet Society
  2. Plug your details into the Barbados Chapter sign-up sheet

Thereafter we will be looking to poll the membership in the coming weeks for ideas on our overall mission and the specific projects we may wish to pursue.