Guyana publishes draft privacy law for comments

What: Guyana Data Protection Bill open for comments. Deadline: May 3, 2023 How: submit comments via email to and/or Quick impressions: A copy of the Bill as at April 16, 2023 is available on the Government’s website and below.

Cuba passes privacy law

Cuba’s National Assembly has passed Ley 149/2022 “De Protección de Datos Personales” (Law 149/2022 “On the Protection of Personal Data” or, simply “LPDP” ) on Thursday August 25, 2022. The LPDP gives effect to the Cuban people’s constitutional right to privacy and is the nation’s first comprehensive privacy law. The LPDP includes the following key…

🇧🇧Barbados has appointed its first privacy regulator

What happened? The Government of Barbados has appointed Ms. Lisa Greaves as the country’s first Data Protection Commissioner. The official notice in last month’s Gazette indicates that Ms. Greaves’ appointment to the post is effective from July 15, 2021 and comes a few months after the Government brought the majority of the Barbados Data Protection…

🇰🇾 Cayman Updates its Privacy Law

In April 2021, the Cayman Islands published an updated Data Protection Act, 2021.  This news is not as exciting as it may seem at first blush. The updated DPA is virtually the same as the 2017 version.  In my view there are only two amendments worth noting:1. All references to the Information Commissioner in the…

Barbados’ advanced privacy law now enforceable

March 31, 2021. A proclamation issued a few days earlier has fixed that date to mark the Barbados Data Protection Act, 2019-29 coming into effect. Put another way: March 31 is when the privacy compliance landscape in Barbados will change immutably.